Kapitän Fips🇩🇪:


B: I don’t know who looks better, he or the dragon, but, um , of course he’s a big big joker , he likes to laugh and to make jokes. 
That’s why I grew fond of him. (or he grew close to his heart idk the correct English translation)

P: you always have to take things with fun, of course you mustn’t lose your seriousness, you can’t be the clown on the pitch, you have to evaluate if it’s appropriate or not.

Interviewer: What genre would fit Poldi [if he was playing in a movie]

B: (laughs) I don’t know , but it has to be some type of comedy

Interviewer: And what would be the role of Schweinis’ life?

P: a drama, some type of romantic drama or something like that
B: (laughs loudly) oooh
P: a romantic drama, nicely dressed (looks up and down Bastis clothes) , his style , that would be good.


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